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Over the last decade Astra has been consulting the most successful service contracting businesses  in the county. We have taken this wealth of knowledge from the last decade working with these businesses and now we have developed the Astra IGNITE your Service Business training course.

This valuable course teaches you exactly what you need to know to IGNITE your Service Business to a whole new level. This course was designed to take existing or start up companies from beginning to end, from concept to sales. You have to flexibility to pick and choose what you need the most help with and the Astra IGNITE training course was developed to infuse into your existing business practices instead of starting completely over from scratch.

What you can expect?

More Sales!

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More Results!

Mark Lallemand

Mark Lallemand

Consultant | Course Trainer

Mark Lallemand is one of our top consultants and has been working with businesses in the contracting industry for over twenty years. You will hear his passion and welcome his wealth of knowledge he brings to each course and live sessions.