Electrical Estimating Training Course


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Module 1 - Introduction

  • Estimating vs bidding
  • Why do so many electrical contractors struggle with success
  • Estimating and project management
  • Being competitive to the Market
  • Duties and responsibilities of every estimator
  • Tools for the Trade
  • Estimating Methods

Module 2: Code Requirements

  • Wire sizing
  • Conduit fill
  • Ampacity tables
  • Ampacity adjustment

Module 3: Specifications

  • Specification types
  • Order or authority
  • Scope of work
  • Hidden allowances
  • Qualifying notes
  • Developing a Scope letter

Module 4: The Estimating Process Part A

  • Type of Job
  • Scope review & notes
  • Vendor counts
  • Take-off step by step
  • Bill of material

Module 5: The Estimating Process Part B

  • Labor units
  • How to use labor units
  • What to include in labor units
  • Labor unit manuals and software
  • Your competitors labor units
  • Developing your own labor units
  • Factoring labor units with variables

Module 6: Bid Summary & Proposal Part A

  • The estimate summary
  • Quoted material costs
  • Non quoted material costs
  • Adjusting labor hours
  • Labor costs
  • Labor burden
  • Job Expenses
  • Prime Costs

Module 7: Bid Summary & Proposal Part B

  • Apply Overhead
  • Apply Profit
  • Final Cost
  • Estimate Accuracy
  • Turning your scope letter into bid proposal
  • Bid date and time when to turn in your bid
  • Bid Follow up
  • Negotiations

Bonus 1: Overhead Once Over Training

  • What is overhead…
  • How to correctly apply overhead to your estimate…
  • Tracking overhead for job selection…
  • How to lower your overhead costs…
  • and so much more…

Bonus 2: Net Profit IGNITE

  • As a free bonus you will gain access to Net Profit IGNITE Mastermind. This is a community where small business owners and entrepreneurs come to get ideas on Driving More Sales, Increasing Customers, and Boosting Net Profits…
  • A channel to enhance your profit growth…
  • A team of influencers connected to share business success…
  • A support, education and brainstorming group for businesses…
  • This is a confidential group for members only…
  • In here you will find a group of likeminded people who have your best interest in mind…

Bonus 3: Electrical Take-off Forms

  • Conduit Take-off form
  • Feeder Take-off form
  • Multi Page Fixture/Take-off form
  • Device Take-off form
  • Excavation & Backfill Take-off form
  • Specification Check List
  • Bid Recap form
  • Bid Notes and Assumptions

Bonus 4: Electrical Code Cheat Sheets

  • Conduit fill
  • Feeder fill
  • Feeder Sizing
  • Coper to Aluminum Conversion
  • Transformer Sizing
  • Generator Sizing

Course Pricing

One Payment Option

$1700.00 per seat


2nd Seat Discount



Payment Options

$497.00 per week for 4 weeks

Additional Seat: $297.00 per week for 4 weeks


You will receive lifetime access to all recordings and future recording updates to this course.

To Reserve your Seat call 330-633-7300

Course Schedule:

Starts: Tuesday, June 14th 2016

Time: 7PM ET

Live Training Module Average Length: 1.5 hours

Weekly Schedule: Modules continue every Tuesday


When you can’t Attend:

All training classes are recorded and will be posted the following day if you are not able to attend to ensure you complete each module.


*** Please Note***

Modules will be postponed to the following week when training modules fall in a holiday week.

Technical Difficulties, Training Overruns or Delays will be scheduled for the Thursday of the same week.

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