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Astra IGNITE is a proven online Training Course Teaching your Company Rejuvenation Strategies for your service business. Astra brings a level of expertise developed over more than a decade of helping the leading service contractors in the county to maximize profit potential, increase sales volume, improve performance, and perfect procedure development.
Our company is recognized across the country for our consulting solutions tailored to leading contracting and sub-trade businesses. We provide powerful and tactical planning solutions to business owners and their corporate teams.
What Do You Get With Astra IGNITE Online Training Course?
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With our Lifetime Membership your company will have access for life and be able to watch the training videos as many times as you like year after year.
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When you become a member of our site you will have full access where ever you have internet access.
New Course Arrive Weekly
Each week a new course will arrive in your member area, stepping you though the structured training course.
Individual or Group Viewing
Training can be viewed by individuals or in a group setting. It is completely your choice how you learn.
Live Q&A Sessions
Every week we hold a Live Question and Answer session webinar. Gain the piece of mind knowing you will have the help needed weekly from one of our professional instructors.
Free Updates and Changes
As the industry changes new techniques will develop. When we update, modify or make changes, your company will have full access to all future revised training course material and videos.

My company and I have learned so much valuable and life changing information in such a short time using the Astra IGNITE your Service Business training course. This course I can truly say is one of the best things I have ever done for my company. The course breaks everything down in a gradual stepping process, allowing us to focus on exactly what areas we need to work on and needing the most improvement. The training course shows you exactly what to do and how to do it in such a way that can be implemented immediately into your companies service practice. I would recommend the Astra IGNITE your Service Business training Course to any company wanting to increase service calls, customers and sales for their company. Sign up today, you will be thankful that you did.

Dutch Conner

Owner, Code Blue Plumbing, Heating & Cooling


Astra IGNITE your Service Business Training Course:
6 Week Online Training Course Includes:

Lesson Overview:
Lesson 1: The Assessment – Where your service business is now
Lesson 2: The Numbers Never Lie – Numbers and how they affect your company
Lesson 3: The Power of Attraction – Conventional forms of marketing
Lesson 4: Getting your phones to Ring – Driving customers to you with proactive marketing
Lesson 5: The Making Money Formula – Estimating & Flat Rate Pricing
Lesson 6: The Art of Not Selling – Learning how to Sell your Service, Building Value and establishing Trust without focusing on Price.
LIVE Q&A Weekly: Every week we hold a live question and answer session that you may join to review what you have learned and we help you adapt or adjust the lesson to fit into your business.



Lesson 1 | Week 1
Online Webinar Series
Where your Service Business is now

The Assessment
• Taking a bird’s eye view of your business
• Evaluate what works now in your business
• Reinventing your business and processes
• Franchise frame of mind and duplicating your successes
• Service Assessment

In the first lesson you will gain a full understanding of where your service business is now and what you have to do to achieve the service business that you have always dreamed of.

You will learn how to reveal the problem areas that exist now in your business and what you have to do to change it. This is a vital beginning step for your business to set the foundation for success.

You will also learn why my clients now understand how they can charge double or triple their price and why your customers are willing to pay the higher price and have your business perform the services they need.




Lesson 2 | Week 2
Online Webinar Series
Numbers and how they affect your Company

The Numbers Never Lie
• Statistics for Owners & Businesses
• Analysis & Allocation
• Overhead
• Burden
• Break-Even Rate
• Applying Profit Correctly

In lesson two you will learn all about your numbers and how to properly calculate them. You will also learn how to apply these numbers to your service business so you will ensure the highest profits possible.

We dig into the truth of why so many business struggle with their numbers and why if calculated incorrectly will eat away at your businesses profits and cash flow like cancer. You will learn how to predict the future using these numbers and what it means for growth and future business development.

The information in this lesson is quite simply the most neglected aspect of any business we have seen. This is the number one reason why most business fail and why it is such an important part of the service call unusual course.



Lesson 3 | Week 3
Online Webinar Series
Conventional Forms of Marketing

The Power of Attraction
• Different types of Marketing Mediums
• Including Benefits into your Marketing Messages
• Average dollar return to dollar spent (ROI)
• Leads – Quantification and tracking
• The power of words
• Colors and what they mean to your customers
• Shapes that attract customers
• Recommendations

Lesson three digs into the different types of Conventional marketing available to your company. Your service business will learn what works the best to generate the highest rate of return.

You will also learn how to follow up and track your marketing efforts so money is not wasted and potential customers lost. You will find out the correct words to you to attract more customers to your service business and what colors and shapes to use to bring more business to your company.

The complete lesson teaches you how to create more customers and keep your pipeline full of potential customers. This is another highly neglected part of service businesses that we talk to and is vital to your company’s survival in a troubled economy.




Lesson 4 | Week 4

Online Webinar Series
Driving Customers to you with Proactive Marketing

The Phone Ringing Generator
• Proactive forms of advertising
• Who is your target market for advertising?
• Consistency and Volume is the answer to success
• Applying consistent logo and name design
• Developing your unique selling proposition
• Developing a customer referral program to bring in more customers
• Preventing your customers from calling your competition
• Building trust with a warranty means big money
With lesson four you will learn everything you need to know about proactive marketing and how it can make your phones ring off the hook with customers. You will also learn how this form of marketing is one of the most cost effective and highest generating ways your company can bring in more service call business.

You will discover how consistency and volume is the answer to your success and why if done incorrectly will compound your problems. You will find out how to develop your unique selling proposition and why it is a must if you want more service call customers choosing your business. You will also discover why trust is the answer to gaining more customers and how a warranty means big money to your business.

This entire lesson was developed with one goal in mind. It teaches you how to make your phones start ringing with customers and not spending a fortune doing it. The information in this lesson alone can help turn any business around in a very short time. This lesson is packed full of cost effective forms of proactive marketing that can generate huge amounts of return for any service call business.




Lesson 5 | Week 5
Online Webinar Series
Estimating & Flat Rate Pricing

The Making Money Formula
• Time & Material and what it means to your customers
• The difference between Flat Rate and Hourly Rate Pricing
• Developing your own Flat Rate pricing Structure
• Building trust and value in your offer to your customers
• Selling your service and not your price
• Inflation and what it does to your service call business
In lesson five you will learn how to set up your new pricing structure that will make your customers say yes. This lesson teaches you how charging your customers by Time and Material will push them to the cheaper price every time.

We teach you how to develop your own flat rate pricing structure and how you build the value in your offer to your customers so they don’t choose your cheaper priced competition. We start the teaching process of selling your service and building value and trust to get your customers to buy without lowering price.

The information in this lesson is vital in the process of increasing your price and making your customers choose your service. This lesson will help you with everything you need to do to make the transition to a new pricing model and increasing customer awareness of the value in your offer.



Lesson 6 | Week 6

Online Webinar Series
Learning How to sell your Service and not your Price

The Art of Not Selling
• What Selling is
• Identify and understand the nature of the customer
• Meeting potential customers for the first time
• Ask Probing questions and state the benefits
• Listen Intently
• Affirm and re-affirm the information
• Expect Objections – Overcome the objections – re-assert the benefits
• Closing the Deal
• The power of words
• Ten Ways to Improve your Selling

We finish up with lesson six and you will learn how to not sell but let your offer sell your service. We teach you everything you need to know about how to sell your service and not your price.

You will learn how to understand what your customers are looking for and what steps you have to do to ensure the sale. This lesson will also teach you how to handle customer objections and most importantly how to overcome them to close the deal. You will discover the words to avoid and what you have to say to keep the potential customer informed so you can walk away with the order.

This final lesson will give you all the tools necessary to increase your prices with confidence and most importantly, be able to display to your customers the trust and value necessary to get the sale.


William Dodds

Electrical Contractor, NC

10 out of 10 stars  – “Excellent”

Cheryl Chipoco

Mechanical Contractor, PA

9 out of 10 stars – “Excellent”

Roy Smith

Paving Contractor, GA

10 out of 10 stars – “Excellent”

Roger Johnson

Construction Contractor, NY

8 out of 10 Stars – “Very Good”


Electrical Contractor, FL

8 out of 10 stars – “Very Good”

Tom Armitage

Heating & Air Contractor, TX

8 out of 10 Stars – “Very Good”

Thomas Susko

Plaster Contractor, CA

10 out of 10 Stars – “Excellent”

Hilary Yoder

Maintenance Contractor, MD

8 out of 10 Stars – “Very Good”

Ashleigh Yoder

Electrical Contractor, MD

10 out of 10 Stars – “Excellent”

James Ott

Electrical Contractor, VA

10 out of 10 Stars – “Excellent”

Steve Short

Electrical Contractor, CA

10 out of 10 Stars – “Excellent”

Brad Perkowski

Low Voltage Contractor, PA

10 out of 10 Stars – “Excellent”

Jude Lovchik

Plumbing Contractor, MD

8 out of 10 Stars – “Very Good”

Pete Szmurlo

Heating Contractor, IL

10 out of 10 Stars – “Excellent”

Marie Carr

Heating Contractor, GA

8 out of 10 Stars – “Very Good”

Dwayne Martin

Cleaning Service, HI

10 out of 10 Stars – “Excellent”