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The Astra IGNITE your Service Business is a proven online Training Course Teaching your Company Rejuvenation Strategies for your service business. Astra brings a level of expertise developed over more than a decade of helping the leading service contractors in the county to maximize profit potential, increase sales volume, improve performance, and perfect procedure development.

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My company and I have learned so much valuable and life changing information in such a short time using the Astra IGNITE your Service Business training course. This course I can truly say is one of the best things I have ever done for my company. The course breaks everything down in a gradual stepping process, allowing us to focus on exactly what areas we need to work on and needing the most improvement. The training course shows you exactly what to do and how to do it in such a way that can be implemented immediately into your companies service practice. I would recommend the Astra IGNITE your Service Business training Course to any company wanting to increase service calls, customers and sales for their company. Sign up today, you will be thankful that you did.

Dutch Conner

Owner, Code Blue Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

William Dodds

Electrical Contractor, NC

10 out of 10 stars – “Excellent”

Roy Smith

Paving Contractor, GA

10 out of 10 stars – “Excellent”

Pete Szmurlo

Heating Contractor, IL

10 out of 10 Stars – “Excellent”

Plans and Pricing

We offer three different pricing plans to fit any budget for the Astra IGNITE your Service Business online training course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this course bring my company more service call customers and sales?

Yes, this course teaches you step by step how to focus on building trust, create value and sell your service and not your price. We teach you exactly what to say and what to do on every service call to make your potential customers say yes to your offer.

Do I have to complete the full course first before I can start using what I have learned in my business?

No, the course is designed in a way that you can start applying what you have learned right from the first video. Our customers report some amazing results from just watching the first lesson alone. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson and after the first lesson we go deeper into each area so you can learn why the steps we teach you are so important. Remember everything is about building instant trust, creating value and selling your service.

Who in the company should watch this training course?

We break the course down to six lessons. Lesson 1 though 6 – we recommend to be watched by the owners, presidents or employees who run the business. Lesson 2 – we recommend controllers, office managers and bookkeepers. Lesson 3 & 4 – we recommend employees responsible for any of the marketing for the company. Lesson 5 & 6 – we recommend employees responsible for the sales of the company, includes service technicians who also up sell products and services.

Is there anything else our company will need to purchase to make this course work?

No, this course teaches you with everything you need for more sales, more customers and more results! Your company will learn what works and what doesn’t work so you are not costing your company costly mistakes using the trial and error method. We have over a decade of knowledge that we have used to develop the Astra IGNITE your Service Business Training Course so your company can take the guess work out of what you have to do to see the highest levels of success.